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Warranty Cards
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Identification Cards:

           Some small dental labs use counterfeit and shoddy raw materials to make the dental restorations, or use inferior & fake raw materials to claim as superior ones, so that they can sell their products at a very low price. Fox example, they sell "3M Lava full ceramic crowns" and "Cercon Zirconia crown" at a very low price because they use very cheap Zirconia blocks to produce so-called "Lava and Cercon Zirconia crowns & bridges" and never give the warranty cards to clients.These small dental labs even don't have the 3M Lava scanners or Degudent Cercon Smart Ceramics system at all. And some dental labs purchase scrap dental alloys & ceramic to make PFM crowns but they profess these alloys of poor quality as imported famous dental alloy. That's why they can sell PFM crowns at very very low price.

           All our raw materials are provided by the CE , FDA and SFDA registered famous dental material suppliers. Clients can visit our dental lab to check the alloys we use.


 WDL Warranty Card (PFM)

WDL Warranty Card (PFM)  www.wdentallab.comWDL Warranty Card (Ceramic)   www.wdentallab.comWDL Warranty Card (Ceramic)
WDL Warranty Card (Zirconia) www.wdentallab.comWDL Warranty Card (Zirconia)  www.wdentallab.comGermany Keragen Co-Cr Alloy www.topvip100.comGermany Keragen Co-Cr Alloy
Bego Co-Cr Alloy (PFM / FM) www.3C2009.comBego Co-Cr Alloy (PFM / FM) Bego DeBel SLM Co-Cr (PFM)

  Bego DeBel SLM Co-Cr (PFM)

Argen High-precious Gold  Argen High-precious Gold

Nissin Pure Titanium

Nissin Pure Titanium

Alldental Alfa Ceramic 90 Gold www.wdentallab.comAlldental Alfa Ceramic 90 Gold  www.wdentallab.comAlldental High-precious Gold
Alldental High-precious Gold
   Wieland Zenostar Zirconia Wieland Zenostar Zirconia Lava Full Ceramic (China)

3M Lava Full Ceramic (China)


      3M Lava Full Ceramic (Global)
   3M Lava Full Ceramic (Global)

Dentsply Cercon Zirconia  

Dentsply Cercon Zirconia









  Vita In-Ceram YZ Zirconia

  Vita In-Ceram YZ Zirconia Perfect Denture (BPD) Card www.3C2009.comBego Perfect Denture (BPD) Card

Counterfeit-proof  Packaging:


Bego DeBel SLM Packing Box Original Cercon  Packing Box New Cercon Packing Box 
3M Lava Packing Box 3M Lava Packing Box Bego Perfect Denture Packing Box