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Shipping & Payments
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The usual turnaround time is 7 working days from the day that you ship the cases to the day that you receive them from us. We can receive parcels that delivered by DHL / Fedex / UPS / TNT / EMS.  




USA & Canada

1-2 Working Days 

1-2 Working Days

Australia & NZ

1-2 Working Days 

1-2 Working Days

Germany & Belgium

 1-2 Working Days  

1-2 Working Days

UK & France

1-2 Working Days 

1-2 Working Days

Denmark & Holland

1-3 Working Days 

1-2 Working Days

Sweden & Norway

1-3 Working Days 

1-2 Working Days


1. The above shipping time is calculated on the basis of DHL express. Other couriers may have different shipping time.

2. The above shipping time doesn't include the date of dispatch and receipt,  weekends and legal holidays.

3.  We recommend using DHL to deliver parcels to us because DHL can deliver parcels on Saturday if we make an appointment with DHL previously. It's very important that notify us of the AWB (tracking) number timely because we can make an appointment with DHL previously.



Here at WDL, we appreciate the opportunity to provide you, and your patients, with the quality dental restorations that you demand and your patients deserve. This is important as we can only guarantee that the dental restorations we  make will fit on the models you provide. We make every effort to spot distorted models before we begin work on a case, but only you have seen the patient's actual oral anatomy for comparison.


In order ro achieve this goal, we need accurate models & impressions. We request that you examine your models for signs of distortion such as knife edges on teeth, compression of teeth, and soft tissue distortion. In order to protect models from damage in transit to us and avoid confusion, we request you that: 


1. Fill out the Rx completely, including the doctor’s name, dental office name (if different from the doctor’s name), patient name / sex, etc. Also identify the type of prosthetic desired and any relevant information such as shade, materials, unusual design aspects and any other special instructions required to insure that you receive the result you are looking for. Please prepare and check the following items before packaging the impressions of each case.

   A. Rx / Order Forms (Click here to download)

   B. Impressions, Bite Record (Inspect impression for any defects and retake if necessary)

   C. Opposing Model or Study Model

   D. Necessary components of implant & precision attachments


2. Suggest not send alginate impressions. If later pouring is necessary, please wrap the alginate impression in wet paper towel and place in sealed plastic bag.


3. Put Rx into outside sleeve of Biohazard bag, put disinfected impressions into the sealable part of the bag.


4. All stone models should be wrapped in protective padding to insure safe delivery. 


5. Put wax bite record, nature tooth, old crowns & denture, shade guide tabs, the components of implant & precision attachments, or other small items in container (box /bottle) or re-sealable plastic bag to prevent them from getting lost.


6. Photos should be placed in a separate sealed plastic bag for protection.


7. Do not attach any kind of semi-articulators or facebows in the parcel.


8. Make sure all contents are fixed and won't move in the box.


9. A layer of packing material should cover the bottom of the box and additional material is then placed over the contents to prevent movement of pieces.




  No credit on file: After receiving your shipment, we will immediately contact you by e-mail and send you an itemized list of charges with an invoice. We will begin processing your cases immediately when we receive the shipment, however, we must get all the payment before sending the finished products back. 


  Credit on file: We will process your cases and send them back to you. You should settle the payment half a month.  


Terms of Payments:

   Paypal (include 4.5% surcharge)

   T/T wire transfer (include bank commissions)