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Warranty Policies
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We guarantee our products for FIVE YEARS warranty period which counted since the delivery date. All remakes /repairs will be at no charge in the warranty period except under the following circumstances:


1. Requested to retake / take a new bite record or new impressions, however, doctor refused to retake new impression & bite record, and approved to finish the case directly.


2. Requested to set-up teeth in wax for try-in or make metal coping for try-in, but the doctor declined and asked us to finish it directly.


3. Abutments has been re-prepared or adjusted.


4. Shade, margin design or the type of products have been changed.


5. No specific instructions on Rx while making abnormal cases, doctor add the instructions on the new Rx. For example, ask to remake bridge #14-16 in 4-unit but not indicate us on last time.


6. The case was canceled or the instructions were amended after fabrication has been started (Fabrication starts the day we receives the case).The case will be billed according to our loss.


7. We ask for new impressions to remake / repair the dental restorations. However, doctor insists on using the original / old impressions to remake / repair.


8.Requested to remake because patient / dentist doesn't like our design, but the dentist hasn't indicated us the design on the previous Rx or models (Please NOTE: No design or detailed instrcutions on RX means agree with all our designs for the products).



What Is Covered:

1. Repair or replacement of restorations in the five-year warranty period.



What Is Not Covered?

1. Refund for dental restorations (for example, remake cases in other dental lab).


2.Cost incurred for removal, re-insertion or remake.


3.Repairs or replacement resulting from accident, neglect, abuse, failure of supportive tooth, or tissue structures, relines,  improper adjustments or improper dental hygiene.


4. Repairs or replacement for cases which did not meet our standards upon receipt of case.


5. Implant and attachment components. Warranties on these items are covered by their respective manufacturers.


NOTE: Remake cases will be treated as new case and charged at 100% if the original dental restorations are not returned to us. But we will refund this remake fee if clients send the old dental restorations to us at a later time.