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01. What is the usual turnaround time?

The usual turnaround time is 7 working days from the day that you ship the cases to the day that you receive them from us. For example,  if you send parcel to us on August 8, 2008 (Friday),  we will get the parcel on August 11, 2008 (Monday) or August 12, 2008 (Tuesday), and we will send them back to you on August 15 (Friday), then you can get the parcel on the morning of August 18 (Monday). We will process your order and notify you immediately if there are any questions. Delays may be caused by shipping reason or routine customs inspections (seldom happen).


02. How can we start sending cases to co-operate with you?

It's very easy to begin working with us. You can call the local DHL / Fedex / UPS / TNT to pick up the parcel that you have prepared. Then please indicate us the waybill number after you have sent the parcel (please dedare USD $2 to USD $4 for the value of each case on the commercial invoice) , so that we can track the parcels timely.We will make the invoice for all the cases and e-mail the invoice to you when we receive the package. Please pay the payment as soon as possible. At the same time, we will make the dental restorations for all the cases. We will send the cases back to you and tell you the DHL tracking number after we have received the payment from you.


We encourage you to send test cases so you can thoroughly evaluate our service. Contact us for details. 


03. What services do you offer?

We offer full dental lab services including:

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM / CMC / VMK)

Full Metal Restorations (FMC)

All Ceramic (IPS e.Max)

Composites (Ceramage, Bredent)


3M Lava


Copran HT Solid Zirconia

 Wieland Zenostar Ceramic

Vita In-ceram / Upcera Zirconia 

Acrylic Dentures

Valplast Flexible Dentures

Vitallium 2000 Co-Cr Frameworks

Bego Co-Cr Frameworks

Pure Titanium Frameworks

 Cobalt-Chrome Dentures

Telescope Dentures 

Precision Attachments (CEKA, Bredent, Servo, MK1, Magfit)

All kind of Implant Systems (CAD/CAM Customized Implant Abutments)

Orthodontic Appliances / Retainers / Splints / Mouth Guards / Sport Guards/ Anti-snoring Devices etc. 


04. How are costs calculated? 

There are basically three parts to determining the cost for each case:

  Labor - determined by our rate schedule. Contact us for a quote.

  Material - Most labs prefer to include the material to be used with each case, so in most cases there is no material cost.

  ShippingOnly one way shipping should be prepaid. We will provide the return shipment to you (an extra express fee USD $50 will be charged when the total value of the parcel is less than USD $500).  


05. Who pays for shipping?

You only need to pay the shipping charges from your country to our lab. We will pay the return shipment (an extra express fee USD $50 will be charged when the total value of the parcel is less than USD $500).


06. Which couriers are accepted?

We can receive parcels that delivered by DHL / Fedex / UPS / TNT / EMS.  We recommend using DHL to deliver parcels to us because DHL can deliver parcels on Saturday if we make an appointment with DHL previously.So it's very important that you notify us of the tracking number when you ship your cases to us. If you prefer to use other carriers, please be aware that they will generally take longer time and cost more. Suggest not use EMS to deliver parcels to us because it's very inefficient. We use DHL to deliver parcels to customers.


07. How are bills processed? 

  No credit on file: After receiving your shipment, we will immediately contact you by e-mail and send you an itemized list of charges with an invoice. We will begin processing your cases immediately when we receive the shipment, however, we must get all the payment before sending the finished products back. 

  Credit on file: We will process your cases and send them back to you. You should settle the payment half a month.  


08. What forms of payment are accepted?

   Paypal (include 3% handling charge)

   T/T wire transfer (include bank commissions) to our HSBC (HK) bank account 


09. How do you handle remakes?

This rarely happens but when it does, remakes are handled on a case-by-case basis (refer to "Warranty Policies" items). If you would like us to remake a product, please send the original case (include original dental restorations, Rx and models) with a new impression and an explanation of the specific problem. If the mistakes was caused by our lab, we will remake the case at no charge.


10. What is the minimum volume?

We have no minimum number of cases or minimum order.


11. What is your policy on confidentiality?

World Dental Laboratory Co., Ltd. has a strict confidentiality policy to safeguard our customers privacy. We will never divulge your name or information to any third party for any reason.


12. What does ISO 9001 certification mean?

When the large majority of products or services in a particular business or industry sector conform to International Standards, a state of industry-wide standardization can be said to exist. This is achieved through consensus agreements between national delegations representing all the economic stakeholders concerned - suppliers, users, government regulators and other interest groups, such as consumers. They agree on specifications and criteria to be applied consistently in the classification of materials, in the manufacture and supply of products, in testing and analysis, in terminology and in the provision of services. In this way, International Standards provide a reference framework, or a common technological language, between suppliers and their customers which facilitates trade and the transfer of technology.


13. How ISO standards benefit society?

For businesses, the widespread adoption of International Standards means that suppliers can base the development of their products and services on specifications that have wide acceptance in their sectors. This, in turn, means that businesses using International Standards are increasingly free to compete on many more markets around the world.


For customers, the worldwide compatibility of technology which is achieved when products and services are based on International Standards brings them an increasingly wide choice of offers, and they also benefit from the effects of competition among suppliers. 


14. Do you have more questions?

Please contact us by online service! We will get back to you with a prompt answer.