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Legal Statement

The website is created by World Dental Laboratory Co., Ltd. (WDL). Any individual who wants to enter, browse or use this website should read the legal statement beforehand. If you do not agree with the legal statement, please do not enter. If you want to continue, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to be subject to this statement, and complied with all relevant laws or regulations.WDL retains the rights to change, revise, and renew this statement without prior notice.



Copyright statement

The copyrights of any contents in this website (including but not confined to data, word, diagram, image, audio or video) belong to WDL or related parties. Without prior written agreement, no one will be allowed to copy, replicate, disseminate, publish, reprint, revise or display the contents of this website. Meanwhile, without written agreement, no one will be allowed to make a mirror on servers other than WDL's. Any moves to use the contents of this website without authorization will be against Authority law of the People's Republic of China and other laws as well as related international covenants.



Domain name and trademark statement

The domain name is owned by WDL. No organization or individual will be allowed to use the contents without written authorization by WDL.


All the logos and trademarks are registered by WDL in China or other countries. No organization or individual will be allowed to use part or full of the trademarks without written authorization.



Privacy statement

WDL will not make public any materials you registered at our website, except:

1. being authorized by users;
2. required by relevant laws or regulations;
3. required by court rulings or arbitrator's decision, and other requirement of the judicial procedures;
4. required by relevant governmental bodies;
5. violating the user's terms or other harmful conducts by users.



Exemption statement 

WDL does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, reliability or any results that may occur by using the website.


WDL and relevant parties cannot guarantee that you may enter, browse or use the website whenever you wish; WDL will not bear any responsibilities for the website errors.


In any circumstances, WDL will not shoulder any responsibilities for decisions or moves based on our website. Likewise, WDL will not bear any responsibilities for any direct, indirect losses or penalty incurred by entering or using the website, or any other forms of losses including but not confined to business discontinuity, data loss or profit losses.


WDL will not bear any responsibilities for damages or losses done to your computer system, software, hardware, IT system or properties when entering, browsing, and using the website.


WDL will not bear any responsibilities for any direct or indirect losses caused by third parties.




WDL will not bear any responsibilities for logging on other websites through our links. When you log on other websites, you should take note that these websites have no relationship with WDL, and they are beyond WDL's control. Moreover, the linkages between our websites and the others do not imply that WDL admits or bears the responsibilities for the contents of others. You should take caution before you enter other websites to avoid damage from virus or programs.



Applicable laws and jurisdiction

This website and the statements should abide by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any disputes on the website and its statements should be subject to the jurisdiction of the people's court where WDL is located.